Churchill Park has been the odd facility out in 2022, having been closed all year even as the heat picked up.

That's because city crews were working on replacing the pool, and they're getting closer to completion.

The park will have the old pool replaced, which did run into some difficulties over the year.

Estevan Parks manager Rod March explains just what caused those delays.

"Construction started this spring, and of course, there were some delays just from how much rain we had. We didn't want to destabilize that slope, obviously, it would make a big mess down there. We had to be very careful as to how we removed the old pool and replaced it with the new pool. There were a few rain delays, but that's fully acceptable as that's out of our control."

Supply chain issues also weren't a problem for the park, though there were challenges finding some of the old sanitary lines, as the structure is so old.

The park may be opened up soon - that'll depend on if it can get approval from inspectors.

"They should be here (before the weekend) to do that inspection of the pool and then we'll hop there's a favourable outcome of that inspection and we can open up the pool just after this long weekend."

One project that won't be present this summer, but will be there eventually, is a shower building near the pool.

March explains that while it's an option to convert an existing building, they prefer to keep that one around.

"The challenge will be the new building down there, that's just adjacent to the deck that's there now. We'll keep the existing building for arts and crafts," said March, "We'll want to keep our craft room down there as we do for the rainy days so kids have something to do."