At the latest City Council meeting, a couple of policy updates were among the items.

That included an update to their Out of Scope Terms and Conditions of Employment document, which lays out employment standards for the city.

City Manager Jeff Ward detailed the two changes in the document.

"This is just a legislative update, so recognizing Truth and Reconciliation Day in our statutory holidays clause as well as updating the maternity parental adoption leave to coincide with the Saskatchewan Employment Act. So those are the only two changes, but just making sure that we're keeping our policies up to date with the legislature in the province."

As well, an update was introduced to their Third Party Grant Policy.

City Treasurer Trudy Firth detailed the change which would have her contact those third parties for more budget information.

"So the main thing is, now we're just going to amend the policy that I will be contacting all the groups myself, and so I have done that for this year and I'm starting to get all the budget information in now." 

That was brought in on recommendation from some community groups in order to ease operations, explained Councilor Travis Frank.

"I had just had brought this forward just as a request from some of the groups, just a little bit more correspondence before budget so we appreciate having that in and I'll make the motion to move that forward."