As the winter season approaches, events are getting ready around Estevan that will help with the holiday spirit.

One of those is the Festival of Trees, put on annually by the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation.

At the latest council meeting, it was decided that the City would help out the event by continuing to charge a reduced amount on rent.

"You know, this is something we used to do on a multi-year agreement and I believe last year's the first we just decided to go to year by year, just to make sure that we deal with the changing needs of hockey constantly and things like that," said Councillor Travis Frank, "I don't believe that there's any reason to have an issue with that this year, so I would support this recommendation."

The motion was passed with all councillors in agreeance for the reduction in rent.

As well, the City is planning on holding its own table, just as it has in years past.

"It's usually our intent in getting a table to support that organization by us also being there and being a presence and spending our money there," said Councillor Rebecca Foord, "So I would request that city buy a table for that to deliver and go." 

This year's Festival of Trees is scheduled for November 18 and 19.

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