The City of Estevan has agreed to partner with the R.M. of Estevan and Woodlawn Regional Park to upgrade Boundary Dam Beach Road this year.

The topic came up Monday night at the Estevan City Council meeting after the R.M. sent a letter to Estevan Mayor Roy Ludwig asking for the city's support.

"Woodlawn Boundary Dam Regional Park is an important location for tourism in our area and draws a large number of people each summer," reads the letter. "For the safety of those travelling to the Park, we feel it would be beneficial to apply MG30 on the Boundary Dam Beach Road."

The letter goes on to say that MG30 is calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide, which creates a strong dust free surface.

The R.M. said it applied the same product on the road from the Estevan Bypass to Airport Road last year.

The agreement will see the R.M., Woodlawn, and the City each pay for one third of the project, which works out to $60,000 each. The entire project is expected to cost $180,000.

The R.M. said they will consider this agreement a 10-year contribution from both Woodlawn and the City.

Ludwig said that the City was looking at about $6,500 to $7,500 a year for the regular dust application, so over the 10-year time period the City will actually save money through the agreement.

Estevan City Councillor Travis Frank was in favour of the new arrangement.

"This is a great opportunity for us to work together, as well as save a little bit of money from the city's pocket which is good," Frank said. "As well as hopefully make that road a lot easier for campers going down it for not having dust flying up, which is the ultimate goal."

The road belongs to the R.M. of Estevan, which means the R.M. will be responsible for the application of MG30 along with the maintenance of the road over the 10-year period.

"It's a good joint partnership between the three of us and I think it is a benefit to a lot of people in the area," added Councillor Lindsay Clark.

The R.M. of Estevan Council approved the arrangement earlier this month.