With daytime highs expected to reach the high 20's and low 30's to start the work week, the City of Estevan says they are continuing to take precautions with crews who are working outdoors.

City Safety Coordinator Helen Fornwald explained some of the measures the city is taking to deal with the hot weather.

"The heat certainly affects everyone...of course with the humidity we've had," Fornwald said. "With the extreme heat, it's the amount of manual labour you're doing, so then we take the frequent breaks, make sure that everyone's got an adequate water supply on site for them, and continuous monitoring along on the way."

"If it's a lot of that physical demand, then you're taking more breaks versus if you're on site and you may be operating equipment in the shade or there's shade when you're working."

Fornwald also encouraged all Estevan residents to be careful amidst the hot and humid temperatures.

"We want the public to slow down...your body can't do its best in the high temperatures, so we want people to get out of the heat, get to a cooler place as soon as you start feeling really really warm. And drink plenty of water to keep your body from dehydration, that's the huge thing," Fornwald said.

Fornwald added that avoiding high-protein foods and wearing light and light-coloured clothing can also help manage the heat.

She said the Estevan Leisure Centre is a good option for getting exercise in a cooler environment during the heat wave.