The City of Estevan is taking a cautious approach with its snow clearing efforts after a Colorado Low brought another dumping of snow to the southeast.

Roads and Drainage Manager Norm Mack said city crews were monitoring the situation Wednesday morning.

"We are in the very early stages of the storm," Mack said. "This morning there wasn't a whole lot of accumulation to do anything with the equipment, but we are out now with all of our pieces of iron. This storm is a little different...we are at the end of April here. We know the weather is going to warm up."

"So our intent is to not try to move a whole lot. If we are going to move snow it's going to be to the sides, to the curbs. If we get an exuberant amount of snow in residential (areas), we'll have to plow it to the middle and let it melt."

Mack said the city doesn't want to waste money on blowing the snow with warm temperatures likely returning in the near future, plus the usual dumping spots for excess snow aren't accessible right now.

"To haul this snow away is impossible, all of our snow sites are knee deep in mud as you can imagine with the warm temperatures, so we're forced not to haul it," he said. "I guess what you see is what we get and we're going to keep all of our emergency roads open if it comes to that."

"We do have a game plan and we'll just see how much snow we do get."

Mack said the graders and loaders were out Wednesday working on the streets.

This storm is a little different than the one Estevan saw last April, in that the temperatures this week are warmer and hovering around zero degrees, leading to less snow accumulation.

"If you remember last year, it was a week earlier than this, when we got that large snowfall," Mack said. "We're just about heading into May, so we're not going to try to do too much hopefully. But if it gets to be too much we'll have to do something for the traffic to get going."

"That's where we're at right now. Really, we don't know how much we're going to get so we'll just play it by ear."