A popular road for people living in the Estevan area might be a little tidier next summer.

Estevan City Council has agreed to pay a portion of money for dust suppressant in 2022 for Boundary Dam Beach Road. This is part of a cost sharing agreement between the city, the RM of Estevan, and Woodlawn Regional Park.

The topic came up at the city council meeting Monday evening, and a motion was passed by councillors.

The agreement calls for each party to pay a third of the cost. According to a letter submitted to the city from the RM of Estevan, the estimated cost for one application of suppressant is $17,580, meaning the city would contribute $5,860.

"That's a dangerous road at the best," said Coun. Lindsay Clark. "It affects a lot of people within town and I think it's a good partnership for us to be in."

Mayor Roy Ludwig also stated his approval.

"A lot of our people boat out there and boy does it get dusty," Ludwig said. "It'll be a huge improvement for our people pulling boats, trailers, etc."

The RM said in the letter that it will handle all of the preparation work, including grading, graveling, and supplying water.

The road is just over two miles long.