City-wide registration is once again back in Estevan, with organizations offering some of their programs that'll last for the next couple of seasons.

It will again be held in Affinity Place, similarly to the fall registration, lasting from 5:30 to 8:30.

Erin Wilson, the Programs Director for Estevan says that she's excited for the event to be held.

The night provides a good amount of information on everything that's going on in the community, according to Wilson.

"We're always excited to hold city-wide registration, It's definitely one of our favorite nights of the year. We get to see a lot of faces come in," said Wilson, "We get to see a lot of people know and get more information on what is going on in our community, and really just getting active."

Some of the organizations setting up shop will be TS&M Golf, Souris Valley Theatre, EELS Swimming Club, and others.

Overall there will be ten different organizations, which is a bit lower than what's been there in years past.

"It's a little quieter than we have seen in the past," said Wilson, "Part of that is due to user groups getting more online registration, being active in that resource."

Nine of those will be set up around Affinity Place's walking track, with swimming lesson registration set up in the main office.

Among the registrations will be another feature, put up in collaboration with another city initiative.

"We've partnered with the downtown revitalization display just to be able to help catch our community members and educate them on what's possibly coming," said Wilson, "Get some feedback from them. We're excited to be able to have them at the same time."