One event will be postponed for the clean sweep week, which started May 9th and is still ongoing.

The week normally includes city crews going around town and cleaning the streets and other parts of the community, with other programs encouraging residents to also clean their properties.

But this year the usual free landfill weekend is being postponed, as a heavy rainstorm is set to change a few plans.

City of Estevan Road and Drainage Manager Norm Mack says that they're still doing some of the event programs while they can.

"Operation Clean Sweep is going on today. We're in the southern part of the city south of the tracks picking up curbside organic waste. With the recent forecast for heavy rain tonight and tomorrow, we decided to postpone the free landfill weekend. We're going to reschedule it for the long weekend next weekend."

He predicts that the road by the landfill will be nearly impassible thanks to all of that rain.

Even with that rain the rest of the parts of clean sweep week are still going ahead as planned, including one new event to get hazardous waste out of the community.

"Everything else is going as scheduled, Saturday something new to operation clean sweep, we have the hazardous waste day. That's Saturday morning from nine till three. If you have hazardous waste such as adhesive aerosols, paint, or batteries, you can bring that to GFL on 500 Bourquin Road."