The Southern Plains Co-op held another Fuel Good Day on Tuesday, and the number they came back with was well above last year's totals.

Funds were raised by donating 10 cents per litre of fuel sold at the gas bars in Estevan, Carlyle, and Oxbow, with coffee sales of any size also bringing in $1 each.

For final numbers, The Estevan location raised $3,150.99 which is going towards the Estevan Public Youth Centre.

Carlyle's co-op raised $2,322.90 which will be accepted by the Carlyle and district Lions Club.

Oxbow also raised cash, with $956.17 coming in for the R.M. of Enniskillen Wellness Centre.

That means altogether, co-ops among the southern plains managed to raise $6,430.06.

It beat out last year's total, which brought in $5,981.