Christmas parties and hockey games are staples of a Canadian winter. During this time many people rely on coach buses to get where they need to go, but how safe is coach travel?

Shane Engel, CEO of Engelheim Charter, says that coach buses are one of the safest ways to travel.  

“The drivers are specifically qualified, trained, and have a large degree of experience,” said Engel. 

Engelheim Charter is operated out of Emerald Park and Weyburn Saskatchewan. 

There are several steps put into place to maintain the safety of the coach buses:  

  • Drivers do a daily inspection of their coach while on the road.  

  • Mechanics perform an undercarriage safety inspection on each coach every month.  

  • Each coach bus receives a government-authorized safety inspection every six months.  

  • Electronic logging equipment is used to help monitor and improve safe driving habits.  

When it comes to the winter months, mechanics prepare the buses accordingly. During this time drivers take extra precautions by making sure that they are prepared for the winter schedule including any delays and cancellations.  

Coach drivers also prepare for each trip by reviewing directions, schedules, and maps in advance to make sure they are aware of anything that could impact the trip.  

Engle reminds drivers to share the road with coach buses and to give extra space on the road. 

“A coach bus is a large vehicle, and it takes more time to slow down than a car.”  

He also noted that respecting the rules of the road, and staying off cellphones is one of the most important ways everyone on the road can remain safe.  

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