With even more heat at the tail end of the long weekend, those looking to make the holiday last will probably need something cold.

That's why many turn to wherever they can get cold drinks from - whether that be restaurants, convenience stores, or fast food chains.

The start of September is usually an unpredictable time of year, with either a late summer heating things up or an early fall cooling the air.

Because of that, it can be hard for a store to predict how much of a product they'll need before the forecast comes in.

4 Street Tim Hortons Manager Tammy Alcantra says that so far a lot more cold drinks than usual have been going out.

"We go through a lot of Iced Capps and iced coffees, just boxes and boxes of Iced Capps. The weather here, (on Friday) it was kind of chilly, and yesterday it was a really hot day."

Alcantra says that they're prepared to work with other locations just in case a change in weather means supplies run low.

"We get our delivery twice a week, and we have two branches so we can borrow stuff from them too."

Later in the year, Alcantra expects that hot drinks will pick up as temperatures start dipping down.

"During winters we have our holidays drinks as well, so a lot of people order the peppermint hot chocolate and stuff like that. Winter, it's like hot chocolate,  french vanilla coffee kind of drinks, but right now it's just cold brew, iced coffee, Iced Capps, that's it."