A deep freeze has once again settled into southeast Saskatchewan to start the work week, as cold arctic air makes its way across the Prairies.

"The cold air is pretty entrenched over Western Canada, particularly the farther east you go the colder it gets," said Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. So it looks like it's going to be around for the bulk of the week. We do have a little system rippling through on Wednesday that might give a little bit of cloud and that tends to raise the temperature a little bit, but not by much and not much snow is expected."

"Looks like Thursday morning is probably going to be the coldest of the mornings," she continued. "Expect those extreme cold warnings on and off for the next week or so."

But Lang says the mild temperatures from January could return by this weekend.

"By Friday, we are seeing a change in the weather pattern and we will see those winds increase and warmer temperatures coming in," she said. "Looks like they'll be closer to seasonal values and it looks like that's going to stay as the pattern into at least the middle of next week."

While January was relatively mild, February's forecast is a lot colder, Lang said.

"The forecast for the month is for it to be below average temperature wise," she said. "We'll see what February brings, it can often be one of our coldest months so we'll see what Mother Nature has up her sleeve. The La Nina that was forecast to give the colder temperatures is starting to weaken, so we'll see if that's still in play."

Lang also reminded everyone to dress in layers, cover extremities, and limit time outside.

"Just because those wind chill values are in the dangerous category, frostbite and hypothermia can set in very quickly."