A cold snap is on its way to the southeast this week, capping off what has been an unexpected period of warmth so far this fall.

Temperatures have dipped below the freezing points a few times so far this season, but this one may keep those temperatures below that mark.

Natalie Hasell, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada, details the incoming system.

"It starts on Wednesday night and cooler temperatures continue Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will be below normal by the time we get to Saturday and looks like things settle to normal on Sunday and maybe Monday."

While those daytime temperatures might not be too drastic, overnight lows are expected to drop precipitously.

"Continuing night-time temperatures by the time we get to the weekend are slightly above normal. But between now and then we have a few rather cold overnight early morning periods in the forecast."

While there's a possibility that some more warm air will find its way into the area, it's likely the next couple of days will be the last ones above freezing for the rest of the year.

"Today our high is plus six, tomorrow our high is plus one and that will probably be it for the season. Things can happen of course, but based on what we can see up to now it doesn't look like we'll see temperatures above 0 after tomorrow for the rest of the year."

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