Spruce Ridge School made a remarkable contribution to the Estevan Kinette Club's Pajama Project, with students and staff gathering an impressive 346 pairs of pajamas. Principal Cheri Haberstock shared insights into this noteworthy initiative during an interview on SUN 102.

Mrs. Haberstock credited the success of the endeavor to the school's Very Important Volunteers, or Viv Group, led by Miss Chapman, a Grade 8 teacher. The Viv Group, dedicated to community outreach projects, has been actively involved in various initiatives, from visiting care homes to volunteering at the Humane Society and St. Joseph's Hospital fundraisers.

"They decided to get involved with the Kinette's Pajama Project," shared Haberstock. "They thought it would be a great opportunity for us to gather as many pajamas as possible from the families at our school." The Viv Group turned the endeavor into a friendly competition among classrooms, with the promise of a pizza party for the class that collected the most pajamas.

The result exceeded expectations, as Spruce Ridge School amassed 346 pairs of pajamas. Haberstock humorously noted, "We had one of our tables collapse under the weight of them."

The Estevan Kinette Club recognized Spruce Ridge School's achievement with a Facebook post.

Spruce Ridge School's engagement with the Estevan Kinette Club's Pajama Project not only exemplifies the power of collective action but also underscores the positive impact schools can have on their communities through thoughtful initiatives.

If you have new pajamas to donate, Friday, December 8 is the last day to get them into Jenny Joans.

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