A system is looking to dump a large amount of rain into the southeast over the next 24 hours.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Stephen Berg talks about the incoming rain and when that'll come through.

"There's a Colorado low that's actually coming up towards Minnesota and on the northwest side of it that's what's going to be impacting the Estevan area starting late afternoon. Looks like possible rain of between 20 and 30m tonight and into Tuesday with maybe a few millimeters Tuesday night before the system slowly moves off." 

Some cool air will also come in with the system which will miss the freezing point by only a handful of degrees.

"Does not appear to be especially (cold), overnight periods being very cloudy and wet, so low temperatures tonight about 9°. However, Tuesday night the low is 4°. That's going to be fairly cool for the season, the normal for the time of year is about 10° for the overnight low"

The rain is expected to soak the ground throughout the southeast, though Estevan may be getting the worst of it.

"Weyburn might get slightly less, but it's too difficult to say right now. It looks like a nice general soaking over the Estevan, Weyburn, and Carlyle areas."

That won't be the only rain coming to the southeast as more is expected to come through near the end of the week.

"For that system, it looks a little bit similar, a bit more of a frontal system that's largely centered over the Dakotas and Minnesota. Looks to be fairly unsettled in terms of showers. That does not look to be necessarily thunderstorming yet, but we'll have to wait and see where that goes. It's too early to say beyond a few days what the potential thunderstorm threat would be, but it could be a bit of a thunderstorm event in that at that time."