Southeast College hosted a career fair last night at Estevan Comprehensive School where members of the community were welcome to explore career opportunities in the area. 

Jaycee Young, coordinator of student recruitment and engagement for Southeast College, explained that it was also a chance for students to not only explore post-secondary options across the province but also in Manitoba and Alberta.  

The fair brought an increase in vendors from previous years.  

“In the past typically we’ve only been able to get about 10-15 vendors. This time we were able to get 20 for the Estevan and 30 for the Weyburn one.” 

The Weyburn Career Fair will be held tonight at WCS from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

She added that the students in attendance had an overall positive reaction to the event. They gained valuable insight and were engaged with the vendors and eager to learn about the opportunities. 

“A lot of different classes were brought down and we were really happy with the turnout from them.” 

Some vendors included Canadian Border Security, University of Edmonton, University of Edmonton, Women in Trades and Technology, Southern Plains Co-op and Agriterra Equipment.