The Christmas hampers are again coming to Estevan, with food filling up the packages.

That's along with the Angel Tree, which collects toys to give to kids in need.

The gifts are given out through the cooperation of local organizations and businesses, working together ahead of the holidays.

Char Seeman, one of the members of the Estevan Community Hamper Association and the Angel Trees, says that they've got a strong start.

"It's going really well. We've just started taking in applications, and the application deadline is December 1. Our toy store, at the Walmart, is running December 8 to the 11, and so we'll have the tree set up there and people can bring their toy donation there too."

Those will also be available at Mr. Mikes and Kessel Run Games.

For food, the association is joining up with a local business that's helping with the organization.

"In the food aspect of it, the way things are with the controls and stuff like that, how we do it is the Estevan Co-op, at no charge, makes up our hampers, and then we pay for them. So people can donate money towards the hampers and then same with the toys, we can give the toys out or they can donate money to go towards buying them."

Seeman feels that the upcoming Christmas season is going well for them.

"We have our every-year donors who are phoning, and are getting their donations in, so it's going really well."

People who want to apply for a hamper can contact Seeman at 306-421-9182 or the St. Giles Anglican Church at 306-634-4113.