2024 graduate from Midale Central School, Reagan Martin was awarded the Conexus Credit Union Leadership Award. The $4000 award was presented to graduating students pursuing post-secondary education and displaying great leadership and volunteerism.  

Vice President of Strategy for Conexus Credit Union, Peter Mayne, describes what they were looking for in applicants.  

“In order to enter for these awards, we ask the students to write us an essay talking about what they've done in their high school years with respect to local community and school-based leadership and volunteerism. Essentially what they've done to make their school and community a better place to live.” 

Martin was selected as one of six students to receive the award, around 65 applications were submitted across Saskatchewan.  

“Reagan's a young man from Midale and we looked at the story he told us, and what really came through with his story was just his sense of deep commitment to his community, which is the town of Midale. Whether it's volunteering at the rink, mentoring younger kids through hockey and other programs, on the rodeo committee, helping with various fundraisers, active in the RM of Cymri 4-H program. A lot of young people have a big volunteer resume perhaps, but what we were impressed with was just the way he talked about his pride in his community, talking about, ‘hey, I was born here, and I know here's what it takes to make this community a better place to live, everybody pitching in and helping it thrive’.” 

All applications required a letter of recommendation. Mayne highlights the values they admired in Martin that were further reinforced with the letter provided.  

“Reagan shows up as a young guy who's mature beyond his years with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to others. And for someone so young, just the ability to communicate fairly and with respect with everybody, regardless of their age. There was also a lot in there about his work ethic too. All in all, it was a pretty impressive package of a young man who really is committed to making his community a better place to live.” 

The award funds are meant to give students a head start on post-secondary expenses. Martin is pursuing welding at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Saskatoon.  

Mayne describes all recipients of this award as a promising sign looking toward their individual futures, and the future of the province.  

“A lot of young people are doing great things. What really struck us with our winners was just their sense of already having a developing sense of what they stand for. Their values as young leaders and a sense of empathy and concern for community. That is what put the six of them over the top, having that sense of ‘here's what I stand for as a leader’.”