A cougar sighting in Estevan has conservation officers investigating to see if the big cat is still in the community.

Southeast Conservation Officer Jordan Kreutzer talks about how the animal was seen in Estevan.

"Conservation officers and EPS responded to the report of a cougar just on the northwest side of Estevan on 3rd street at approximately 7:30 (Wednesday) night. So Wednesday evening, June 26th, officers were unable to confirm the sighting. At that time we went through the area and no signs were detected. Right now, we're leaving it up to the public to see if there's any more sightings. But for now, it's just an unconfirmed sighting."

Kreutzer says that cougars are often around the southeast even if they're not always seen.

"Cougars are a natural part of our landscape in many parts of Saskatchewan, including the Estevan area and although cougar sightings are not common, the sightings do occur. Cougars, their natural habitat is the river valleys and they use them as natural travel corridors. So they have a very large area, so they travel through often looking for new habitat if they're young males, which the one a couple of years ago was a young male. So yeah, while it's uncommon, definitely not impossible."

Anyone who sees a cougar nearby should immediately alert the proper authorities, says Kreutzer.

"Cougars, like any wildlife, are more afraid of you than you are of them and just practice caution, make noise while walking, keep your animals on a leash. If you do see one, make noise, get aggressive, you know, be big with it, but the biggest thing is don't run, never turn your back to an animal. Walk away slowly and you should be fine."

"But if you do have an aggressive encounter with wildlife, or you see another member of the public is at risk, definitely call the turn-in poachers line at 1-800-667-7561, or if it's an immediate risk, call 911 and the nearest officer will help you out."

People can also call in to report concerns about wildlife through their tip line at 1-800-667-7561 or the general inquiries line at 1-800-567-4224.