After a spring of below-average temperatures, the month of May seems to be bringing much warmer weather beginning this week.

A high-pressure ridge is settling overhead of western Canada which is bringing warm and dry conditions.

Even with the warmth, we're still not technically out of spring yet.

That's what Terri Lang, a Meteorologist with Environment Canada says.

"There are three months in meteorological spring, so we count spring as March-April-May. Both March and April were below average temperature-wise, so we'll see what May brings us, we are starting out warm, we'll see if it continues that way."

In looking forward to the forecast, Environment Canada's models are in disagreement as to just how long the warmth will last.

"We're not seeing the ridge break down quite yet on the long-range models. Some of them want to break it down a little sooner than others, some keep it going, so we'll have to see. When we have the weather models that don't agree," said Lang, "That means there's just a lot of uncertainty to it."

The next week is still forecasted to be warm and dry, which could be a fire risk.

"Between after the snow has melted and when everything greens up," said Lang, "The grass fire risk really increases so people have to be particularly careful with ignition sources. That means fire they've got going outside, cigarettes, any kind of machinery, that kind of thing, just because it's going to be so warm and dry."