The use of 7th Street for a snow dumpsite came under scrutiny at the latest council meeting after a nearly twenty-year-old problem resurfaced. 

Roads and Drainage Manager, Hayley DeConinck, laid out the snow removal plan in a report to the city council.  

“Roads and Drainage utilizes a total of nine strategically placed dumpsites to provide the fastest and shortest route from the snow blower at any given location within the city,” said Deconinck. “In the event of a large snowfall, when equipment is dispatched to various locations around the city the process in place is to utilize the closest dumpsite.” 

The report said when both snow blowers are operational the operators are waiting for empty trucks to return and on average, the snow removal process takes five days to complete.  

Access to the 7th Street dumpsite has been changed, by way of 14th Ave and 7th Street instead of travelling to the end of 7th Street West. 

“During normal winter temperatures, there is no concern over the deterioration of the road as things are frozen. If the decision is to not use 7th Street dumpsite overall, it would be double the time to complete a large snowfall event. Due to increased time, this may cause complaints,” said DeConinck

The report said that continuing to utilize the 7th Street dumpsite is the most cost-effective strategy to complete snow removal in a timely manner.  

It noted that using coronation (Valley Street), pasture (Drader Street north), or Esso (Sister Roddy Road) dumpsites as an alternative to 7th Street would result in longer travel times.

Councillor Shelly Veroba made a motion that the city use King Street as a dump site instead of 7th Street after a homeowner on the cul-de-sac reached out to the council and said that the constant rattling and shaking was causing significant problems.

“It's 94 feet from his kitchen or the mirror window, so he sits in his chair, and that's all he sees and hears all day long,” said Veroba.  

She said the concerned homeowner has also faced damage to his property due to the shaking caused by the dump trucks. 

The dumpsite had been discontinued in 1999 due to similar issues and was reintroduced in 2006-2007.  

“I feel very strongly that the city needs to move this dumpsite, and I think one area that could be utilized that was not mentioned is King Street.” said Veroba. “King Street can be downgraded to the valley whereas 7th St. they don't just dump the snow there. They may have to go back and spend 2 days moving all the snow into the valley. It’s extra time they are there.”  

She said that although the report says it would take twice as long, she didn’t agree if it is used for only a small portion of snow removal.  

DeConinck said they use the dumpsite for 7th, 8th,9th, some of the downtown core, and Power Dodge, Affinity, and the fire hall parking lots.

Councillor Lindsay Clark said that while some of the snow could be easily dumped at the King Street dumpsite, he didn't know if it was practical to discontinue the site altogether. 

“I would like to see maybe a reduction in the use, but I think it should still be used for that area.”  

Councillor Tony Sernick said that he would second the motion to discontinue the use of the dumpsite, as the concerns had been brought forward were legitimate and that another council had found it reasonable to discontinue it.  

He added that this new information had changed his mind on the issue.  

DeConinck said, that if they do use King Street, they will have to get CAT Operators as there is a limit to how much they can dump into the valley before they must push it as they do on 7th Street.   

Mayor Roy Ludwig said that if they do use King Street as a dump site, they would have to let the residents know.  

Veroba said it was unfair that they were willing to use the dumpsite that has a valid concern, but then not use the one on King St even though it was previously used.  

She added that in the future it could benefit them to see how many feet from a home is suitable to have dump trucks coming in.  

Councillor Travis Frank said he would be open to the idea of trying some different options, but if roads and drainage come back and say it is causing unnecessary strain then the 7th Street dumpsite may need to be revisited.

“I'm not going to say no to it forever and say this is banned as a dump site because I think that's not really fair to the business of the city, but I do want to try to accommodate and see if we can try something else, "said Frank. "See what the results are, how much time extra is it really taking us and how much it is really burdening us,”  

"What I'm asking for today is for stop and in the event that it's a huge burden on the city and I think we have to definitely relook at that,” said Veroba.  

She added that she believes it is a manageable change and that it would improve the quality of life for the individuals who live on that street, and who have come forward with their concerns.  

The motion to discontinue the use of the dumpsite was approved.