The Estevan city council's latest meeting had a good amount of varied items to go through on the agenda.

They started off with the Estevan Bruin's Banquet, taking place on the 26th, and decided to support the team by buying a table at the event.

Next, resurfacing plans were discussed for Smith Street, Hastings Place, and Yardley Place, which were all looking to be redone.

A tender had been sent out for the job by Genco Asphalt to the tune of $602,800 for the job which was accepted.

The Estevan Fire Department gave their March fire report to the city, which was passed without comment.

Mayor Roy Ludwig dedicated the month of May 2022 as Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month, stressing the importance as there'll be more sunlight hours.

Councilor Kirsten Walliser had some advice with that announcement:

"Most importantly to echo the proclamation is don't wait. We very often see people who tell me 'oh, that on my ear, I've had it for years'. That's what melanoma looks like. So always see a doctor as soon as you notice a change."

They then moved on to the final amendments to their ATV bylaw which had been brought up at the previous meeting. That would change the wording and allow police and other emergency ATVs access to the city's new pathway system and was passed through both second and third readings.

Afterward, in inquiries, the councilors discussed all the work the city crews had done to keep the roads clean over the last two weeks.

Mayor Roy Ludwig had praise for the workers:

"We have great staff, they do a tremendous job, the contractors come when needed, and I don't know, I'm sure most of the community realizes, they gave up their Easter weekend and were hauling snow and removing snow so the rest of us could travel around the city. So much appreciation to them."

The last inquiry had to do with a new addition to the Estevan water tower, which is currently being worked on, given by Councilor Anthony Sernick:

"A citizen was looking, they were asking about since the water tower is getting worked on right now, but maybe get the option of putting a camera on top of it. Just almost like the Highway Hotline cameras that we see all the time now and it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger."

The next council meeting is on May 9.