At last night's City Council meeting, some focus was put on a recent incident at Affinity Place which resulted in a bit of smoke.

That was described as being due to a warmer catching fire in one of the stalls for rent.

The topic was brought up by Councilor Lindsay Clark, who was looking for more info on the matter.

Mayor Roy Ludwig shared with him and the gathered councilors what he knew.

"(A city worker) was there, thankfully, and she suggested right away to unplug it. They had used the extinguisher on it without unplugging it, you know again bit of an emergency people never thought of it."

"They did then unplug it and then she suggested they take it outside which they did, which was a good thing because the fire started up again once they got it outside and it had lots of oxygen to feed it. But again, it was then put out for the third time with the fire extinguisher."

Mayor Ludwig stated that more information would be gathered on the event in the future.