Nurses from St. Joseph's Hospital were looking for a change to their bargaining agreement that they say would help wellness at Monday's city council meeting.

They proposed decreased rates for using the Estevan Leisure Centre, with a rate not specified in their letter.

Councilor Shelly Veroba opposed the rate decrease, stating that the current rates were the cheapest in town, while also stating a rate change for a profession could cause confusion and problems for staff.

After some more discussion, it was decided to send back a list of prices to show that they offered the lowest rates.

The decision was voted against, with no councilors opposing the decision. (Councilor Kirsten Walliser was not part of the vote due to her conflict of interest in being a nurse for the hospital and being on the board for Sun Local 104)

The reasons the counselors gave included wanting to keep a sense of fairness in regard to the private gyms scattered around town.

As well, they referenced the multiple unions which had agreements with the City of Estevan, which could also have wanted a similar rate, along with other healthcare workers.