Another 341 cases of COVID-19 were reported by the provincial government Saturday afternoon. Of the cases that were reported, 287 were among people who are unvaccinated, 12 who are partially vaccinated and 42 who are fully vaccinated. The new cases per 100,000 people in each group are 74.1 for unvaccinated, 14.3 for partially vaccinated and 5.9 for fully vaccinated.  

In addition to the new cases, another death connected to COVID-19 was reported. There have now been 618 deaths in Saskatchewan linked to COVID-19. There were eight more people admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 treatment, bringing the total number to 198 currently in hospital. This number is almost double where it was on August 29th, when there were 108 people in hospital. The number has been increasing since that date. Of the 198 who are receiving treatment in hospital, 43 are in intensive care. 

The majority of the new cases that were reported were in people under the age of 30. There were 120 cases under the age of 19, and 56 in the 20-29 age group. Of the cases reported among those who were under 30, 165 of the 176 cases, or 93.75 percent, were unvaccinated.  

In terms of geographical locations of the new cases, 78 were in the Saskatoon region, 47 in the North Central, 43 in the North West, 29 in the Far North East, 25 in the Far North West, 22 in the Regina area, 18 in the South East, 17 in the North East, 15 in the Central East, 11 in the Central West, seven in the South Central, five in the South West, and one in the Far North Central.  

There were 2,754 doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered according to the update Saturday. This brought the number of people who are fully vaccinated up to 707,273, or 60 percent of the province’s total population. There are 471,408 people in Saskatchewan who are either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.