With the harvest wrapped up in many areas, the country elevator system is seeing more deliveries headed to Port. 

Elizabeth Hucker, CPKC's assistant vice-president of sales and marketing for bulk says they started the month of October out strong.

"So in week 10, CPKC moved approximately 569,000 metric tons of grain and grain products to destinations in Thunder Bay, Vancouver, and throughout North America. This was our second largest screen shipping week of the 2023 - 2024 grain crop year."

She adds that grain movement at the ports has been going relatively smoothly.

"No impacts just yet have been seen in Vancouver, although we are about to get into the rainy season. So we're closely monitoring any impacts to the loading of grain to vessels during the rain. Thunder Bay is moving tremendously well. We're seeing high volumes to Thunder Bay to satisfy some of that European demand before the normal shutdown that comes as winter approaches us in December."She adds that overall efficiency from all players in the supply chain is key.

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