Welcome to another heartwarming Pet Spotlight, where we introduce you to the furry residents at the Estevan Humane Society. This month, our spotlight is on Coco, an irresistibly cute puppy, overflowing with charm.

In their continued efforts to find loving homes for their adorable pups, the Estevan Humane Society is thrilled to announce a special meet and greet event! Coco, along with his equally charming siblings, will be at the local Pet Valu store in Estevan this Saturday. It's a fantastic opportunity for the community to get to know these little companions, ask questions, and, who knows, maybe find your perfect match!

Coco and his siblings are eagerly awaiting the chance to steal your heart. Don't miss the Meet and Greet event at Pet Valu this Saturday – it could be the first step in welcoming a new, furry family member. For more details or to express your interest in Coco or his siblings, contact the Estevan Humane Society. Adoption not only changes the life of a pet but also enriches yours in ways you can't imagine.