The stage is set for young dancers from around Estevan to show off. 

Over 280 dancers with 43 routines are ready to dazzle the Southeast in the 8th annual Estevan Recreational Dance Club Dance Recital. Head instructor and director Brooke Wilson shares what to expect from the dancers. 

"All the songs are very different. They all have their own themes around them. There's anything from Western, Britney Spears, little pretty princess ballerinas to the complete opposite heavy-hitting hip hop. So we've got a good show in store."

Having had a photo day with the kids recently, Wilson was able to see a fair chunk of her vision come to life. She's excited to see the students' growth and their hard work pay off. 

"Just seeing, you know, some of my older students who I've been teaching now since they were maybe three, four or five years old [and] now they're my 10, 11 and 12 year olds. So, seeing them grow as dancers and young people has been really awesome and I can't wait to see them on stage this year."

Wilson noted there is a certain bond between her and the dancers. Year after year, she has watched the team learn different techniques and styles. Most of all, she said she is glad to see the kids' progression and how they've grown their confidence over time. 

Tickets are already close to selling out. Reach out to Brooke through the club's Facebook page to purchase the remaining tickets. The recital will be held at the Estevan Comprehensive School on April 20, with shows at 2pm and 7pm.