An access-to-information request revealed that former Estevan Police Chief Paul Ladouceur received a severance package including two years' salary and an SUV from the City after his departure from the force in April, 2021.

Estevan Mayor Roy Ludwig, who is also the chair of the Board of Police Commissioners, announced on April 8, 2021 that Ladouceur resigned "to pursue other opportunities." His last day was April 16, 2021. submitted an information request to the City of Estevan, which was transferred to the Estevan Police Service, asking whether Ladouceur received a severance package, and what the package was, if he did receive one.

A response from the Estevan Police Service, via their legal team, said that the following was paid to Ladouceur:

1. A lump sum equivalent to 24 months' salary

2. Transfer of ownership of a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude

3. Transfer of ownership of Ladouceur's cellphone

Ladouceur began his tenure with the Estevan Police Service in 2014 as police chief.

His resignation came amidst concerns regarding the Estevan Police Service and the March 5, 2021 death of Cst. Jay Pierson.

Ludwig acknowledged those concerns in a statement on March 23, 2021, saying the Board of Police Commissioners "is actively engaging with both the membership and administration to develop a full and complete understanding of the issues and concerns at hand."

Ludwig declined to comment on the severance package, citing the "confidential nature" of the issue and a signed non-disclosure agreement.

Ladouceur also declined to comment on the matter.

Ladouceur was paid $174,363 in 2020 and $103,620 in 2021 (with his employment ending on April 16), according to the City's public accounts for those years.