Carievale is a village located within the southeast corner of Saskatchewan near the Manitoba and North Dakota borders, with a population of approximately 250 people. Carievale can be found along the junction of two important highways, Highway #8 and #18 approximately 105 km’s east of Estevan. It also lies between the communities of Carnduff and Gainsborough and its primary industry is farming, ranching, and oil exploration. The Carievale Elementary school offers top notch education with a small town atmosphere. For grades 9 through 12, students attend school in Carnduff, just 8 miles to the west.


Settlement of the Carievale district began in 1884. People settled in an area three miles northwest of the present village site, known as the original Carievale district. A post office existed in the home of one settler, where mail was brought from Goodlands, Manitoba by horse and buggy. In 1890, Carievale School District #199 was created. The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) came and surveyed the area, in which the village site was moved three miles east of the original settlement. To increase development, businessmen moved into the area and purchased property and constructed buildings including two general stores and a farm implement building. In 1891, the first railroad was constructed in the area and a temporary station was built out of two boxcars. Lumber was now being shipped into the area by train.

As the number of settlers increased, grain storage was an issue. In 1892, the Northern Elevator Company built the first grain elevator. The first Church (Methodist) was built in 1900, and was used by both Presbyterians and Anglicans. In 1902, the water supply was developed by several shallow wells. On March 23, 1903, Carievale was incorporated as a Village in the district of Assiniboia. Of course with more settlers, there is more children, and a new school was built in 1905. Then in 1962 another school was built on the east side of town. The first skating rink was wire and straw with a pole, with one sheet of ice, and built north of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) line. Running water became available in 1958, and sewer was installed in 1963. In August 1971, the CPR station was closed. The streets of Carievale were paved in 1982.


  • Camping- with electrical outlets, water and washrooms.
  • Hotel - offers non-campers a place to stay in Carievale as well.
  • Hockey/Skating Rink This modern facility was built in 1985, houses a regulation size hockey rink, locker rooms, visiting area, and a lunch counter. The rink offers hockey for all ages, public skating, and figure skating.