Located at the intersection of highway 18 and 350, the quiet farming community of Torquay is the ideal place for those who enjoy the country or small town privileges, but are close to the city as well. The Village of Torquay has a population of 231 and is just 20 minutes from Estevan, 15 minutes from Mainprize Regional Park, 15 minutes from Oungre Memorial Park, 45 minutes from Weyburn, and 10 minutes from the United States border. Torquay is a great community to raise a family with its quiet living, affordable housing and close proximity to larger centres.



In 1912, Wesley Shier sold his homestead to CPR for a townsite for $2,400, and a hamlet came into being. The first building in Torquay was a blacksmith shop moved in by Jergen Kleven in 1913. The first meeting of Council for the Village of Torquay was held January 9, 1924.


Torquay was once a thriving village that boasted many businesses. There were lumber yards, a post office, doctors office, drug store, John Deere agency, welding shop and a butchershop to name but a few.



  • Torquay Rink - skating rink built in the 1980s
  • Jubilee Park - trees and shrubs donated in memory of loved ones lost. Proudly maintained by 'Friends of the Park'
  • Community Hall - suppers, wedding dances and meetings are held here
  • 50 & Over Club - offers bingo and card nights as well as billiards and more
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • Post office
  • A restaurant, hotel/bar, bank, two churches and general store with groceries, movies and more.