An 83-year temperature record could be broken in Estevan this weekend. But a stretch of much-warmer-than-normal weather shouldn't be taken as a harbinger of a warm fall.

Daily highs for the next week are expected to be well above the current seasonal norm of 22 C. 

Environment Canada is forecasting highs between 29 and 34 for every day from now through Labour Day, except for Friday.

"The heat is certainly on for most of southern Saskatchewan over the next little while, save for one little day on Friday when we're going to get down closer to normal, around 24 degrees," said Environment Canada Meteorologist Eric Dykes.

A system expected to cross the northern part of the province will cause a brief return toward normal temperatures for Friday, but the heat resumes for the long weekend.

"The seasonal normals will start to drop off even more so as we get into next weekend when we're seeing highs of 33 and 34 in the extended forecast," said Dykes. "Temperatures that are going to perhaps be in double digits above normal by the weekend for sure."

Most of the record temperatures over the next week are higher than what is forecast, with the exception of Labour Day Monday.

"On the 5th, when we're forecasting 34, I see the record is 33.9 in 1939," said Dykes. "So that's probably the best chance [of a record being broken], if the temperature were to hold for about a week from now. Take it with a grain of salt of course."

Meteorological fall is September, October, and November. Dykes said warm weather to begin September doesn't mean you should bank on the rest of the season being toasty.

"It could flip and we could see temperatures on average that are below normal come the end of November. It's just a little bit hard to say right now, whether or not that's going to pan out for the entire three-month period."

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