Last weekend DiscoverEstevan put out a survey on the newly-announced grocery store rebate from the federal government.

Thirty-six per cent of respondents indicated that the rebate won't help them. Meanwhile, 22.5 per cent said it doesn't apply to them, 16.9 per cent didn't know about the rebate, 13.5 per cent said the rebate is good but it came too late, and 11.2 per cent said they love the rebate.

The majority of respondents said they would spend the money on meats (35.7%), and fruits/vegetables (30%).

Overall, most of the people surveyed were unenthusiastic about the rebate.

"It won't help at all the price of food keeps going up," wrote one respondent. "Get rid of the stupid carbon tax that is just a money grab."

"Throwing money at the problem is not an answer," wrote another.

A couple other respondents said the rebate should not just be a one-time thing.

"I think the grocery rebate should be every month. It's really hard...just the baby formula is expensive," one person said. "I have four kids to feed plus my grandson, he is three-months-old. It's expensive, they are not telling us when we all need it right away even the food bank can't supply as much."

It will help a little but there should be rebates more often and more of a rebate," wrote another person.

Other respondents said they either don't qualify for the rebate, or were unsure if they do or not.

"I make too much money to qualify and not enough to live comfortably," wrote one respondent.

"If I ever get a rebate it would help tremendously on groceries depending how much it's suppose to be," said another person.

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