It's feeling a lot like spring in the southeast this weekend, but old man winter might have something to say about that before all of the snow melts.

Colder air is expected to move into the Estevan region by midweek next week, explains Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

"We do see a bit of a change in the pattern coming and some colder air starting to move in," Lang said. "Looks like midweek...maybe a chance of some snow coming in with that but the models haven't quite decided on what they want to do with that yet."

Extreme cold temperatures aren't expected to return anytime soon. Daytime highs mid to late next week are forecasted in the minus 10 range. Still, Lang warns that the next month or so could be below normal.

"It certainly looks like in the next about two or three weeks that there'll be some pretty cold air starting to move in and I think people are going to be a little bit shocked just because we think we get into March and we're good to go. But I think we've still got a little bit of winter to get through," she said.

"There's some indication that the early part of March is going to be on the cold side as well, so something to keep in mind."

Lang also cautioned that the current warmer conditions are ideal for ice to develop.

"There's that risk with the freeze-thaw, with the melting and the freezing overnight, we get some pretty icy roads in the morning, so just kind of something to be aware of," she said.

"I certainly have a pair of ice cleats that I wear when I go walking. Twenty dollars at Costco...worth every penny."