The Downtown Development committee recently shared a video made by George Harris Collaborative INC. on what a new downtown might look like for Estevan.

That included a revamped 4 Street and 12 Avenue, along with new parks and facilities.

It's the latest update after public and private consultations on what Estevan is working towards to remake their downtown.

George Harris, the owner of George Harris Collaborative Inc. says the video was showing off some of what may happen in the city.

"It's a long-term vision, something the city can work on over a number of years. It's kind of a pick-and-choose scenario, where we provided a whole bunch of actions under each of these strategies that we've proposed. Some of the actions are simple, and others are things that will take a long time to implement."

Besides an expansion of the walking spaces along 4th street and 12th avenue, some new park designs were also given in the video.

Harris says those are part of a "hierarchy" of different parks to be placed throughout the city.

"So in our strategies, we talked a lot about building a hierarchy of parks in the city and in the downtown. The highest level of that hierarchy is a central park and so we've been proposing the idea of building a central park in the downtown."

One emergent problem with redesigning 4th street is the fact that it's connected to Highway 18, which sees a good amount of freight and travel.

They've already worked that into their plans, according to Harris.

"We've had some initial conversations with the highway," said Harris, "The bypass is already taken down 6th street. We'll have some requirements and we're working with the highways right now, but that's all been taken into consideration with our design."