The Downtown Business Association is ready to welcome in hundreds if not thousands of visitors to the downtown Estevan strip as the 2022 Centennial Cup kicks into high gear.

Laurel Buck, the chair of the association, is enthusiastic about what this could do for local businesses in town.

"I think it's going to benefit it quite a bit...a lot of people are in town for this, and we're so excited to have all the people in town," Buck said.

"Our whole committee is just really pumped to have this many people in town."

Buck said her team has decided to put on special features for people to use while they're staying in southeastern Saskatchewan.

"They can use a coupon. So we have coupons that if you spend 25 dollars you get five dollars off, and then if you take that coupon you can take it to the next business as well...for the downtown businesses," she said.

This includes Buck's store, A & A Jewellery, located on 4th Street.

Following the Centennial Cup, there's a couple other events that Buck is looking forward to her.

"We're excited to have the street dance coming up in July and then a street fair in August," Buck said.

A street fair had originally been planned for this weekend, but it had to be pushed back due to the weather."