With the summer season starting for students, drivers might see a lot more kids out walking around town and on bikes over the next couple of months.

That's why the Estevan Police are reminding people to pay attention when driving and traveling along roadways.

Chief Rich Lowen lays out some of what drivers should remember this summer and year-round.

"Really what we emphasize for every season is just slow down. Take a moment to recognize that there are people out there, people out on bikes, people out walking on the roads, there's motorcycles that we have to get used to and know what's around you, so be aware, don't get distracted, slow down, be safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. We always say wear your helmet if you're on a bicycle and make sure you watch for traffic if you're walking out on the street."

For those parents whose kids are enjoying summer, Lowen says there are a few things to teach to make sure they spend their break safely.

"Again, just be aware, don't walk out into the streets without taking a look. Make sure you know where you're crossing the streets. Obey the traffic signs. Recognize that just because you're on a bike doesn't mean you can go through a stop sign. Make sure you stop at those stop signs. Follow the rules of the road."

"Be safe, not to mention to let drivers know when they're driving through playground areas just because school's out doesn't mean there's not going to be any kids in the playground. So follow the speeds, reduce your speeds, and be safe."