This week the warm temperatures which had softly started the fall are leaving.

A drop in intemperatures which started over the weekend will continue across the week, with the forecast dropping from the mid-20s of last week.

Whether that sticks around is dependent on what you look at, explains Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

"Well, depends on which weather model you want to look at. Some models show a bit of a recovery later at the end of next week, but some of the other models kind of keep us in the cooler sort of stormier pattern with some weather systems moving through with more wind and more rain and that type of thing."

While there is some optimism that warmth will come back, Lang says that it's usually tough to guess exactly how fall will look.

"If you want to believe the good model or the model that's telling you the good news then you can but because we're coming into fall, the weather models often struggle into the longer range just because there's so many weather systems and there's so much change going on because we're battling the cooler weather that's trying to make its way in but we've still got some warmer air to the South." 

For those who still have any plants they'd like to save, there's still a bit of time before frost comes during the night.

"We're already late out of the gate for frost as it is," said Lang, "Nobody should be surprised to get any frost this time of year. It looks like if the weather pattern does hold true, probably the end of week frost is likely."

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