Conner Piche won't need to worry about paying for his books at university next fall.

The Grade 12 student at Estevan Comprehensive School has been awarded a Chancellor entrance scholarship to the University of Saskatchewan valued at $30,000.

Piche was presented with the scholarship on Monday at the high school.

"It was a huge surprise in my first class in the morning, so it was pretty cool," Piche said. "All the teachers came down to give some support, and it was a really good surprise...a good way to start after the break."

Piche said he'll be taking biomedical sciences for his undergraduate degree, which he hopes will then lead him to dentistry.

The Estevan native said it's a huge honour to get the scholarship.

"I've put in lots of work, but everyone's been such a support. Even just with applications...having teachers read that over," he said. "My SRC advisers, they really helped me be involved in the community, and one place that I like to volunteer and help out with is with the United Way, I've been more involved with them over the last year. So that's where some of my volunteer experience comes from."

"Another big one is I have a smaller photography business that I run, and so everyone that helps support that. It's just a big honour to be able to be recognized for that, but really just the help of everyone that supported's nice to recognize that as well."

Piche said the U of S has always been on his radar.

"I wanted to stick close to home and that's the closest place that I could get my dentistry," he said. "I hope to be able to come back to Estevan. I Iike to stay close to my roots and my family, so that was kind of the best choice for me."

ECS Vice-Principal James Jones said having one of their students win the scholarship is a great thing for the school.

"Conner has worked really hard not only here in the school, but he's definitely somebody that's well-known within the Estevan community," Jones said. "He's going to go on and do great things, so it's awesome to see our great students recognized for their hard work and efforts."