Kelly Kramer, the man behind one of the most hauntingly spectacular Halloween displays in Estevan, has brought a touch of horror to Dieppe Crescent, nestled conveniently across from Sacred Heart. Kelly, the owner of the house that has become a local Halloween hotspot, recently shared his inspiration and the hard work that goes into creating the spine-chilling spectacle.

Kramer recalled the origins of his endeavor, stating, "I think back, and one of the things that started out was watching all the old scary shows and science fiction stuff, and really liking 'The Creature That Came from Below,' and 'It Came from Outer Space,' and all that stuff. And then later on, watching some of the classics, like the 'Halloween' movie and 'Friday the 13th,' and all those kinds of things. Those are always quite interesting to me and something that sticks with me, and that was kind of a way of expressing that, I think."

Creating this spooky spectacle is no small feat. Kelly explained, "There's a lot of time spent earlier in the year kind of putting a few things together, and then I take some time off and start setting up. This year, I think it was right at the beginning of October I started because there's a lot to put up, and you've got to take advantage of the nice days that are out there."

One of the most rewarding aspects of Kelly's work is the heartwarming reactions he receives from both children and their parents. He reflected on the joy it brings, saying, "I had a family kind of walk over from the park, and there's a little girl there, and she was looking at it, we're talking about it, and then she started jumping up and down on the sidewalk and she said, 'This is the best house in the world!' Stuff like that really makes me happy."

Speaking about his wife Wendy's invaluable contributions to the project, Kelly added, "Just a quick shout-out to my wife Wendy who helps out too with it - trying to give me ideas where to place things, stretching the webs, and doing a lot of work too."

This Halloween, make sure to pay a visit to Kelly Kramer's spine-tingling spectacle on Dieppe Crescent. It's a ghostly experience that's sure to leave you in awe.

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