In a heartwarming announcement, Dawn Klassen from All Creatures revealed that Ellie, a lovable Burmese Mountain Dog, has been crowned the winner of the June Perfect Pet Contest! 

Ellie's owner, Marla, couldn't be prouder of her furry companion. She described Ellie's playful nature, saying, "She really likes to go for walks, and she likes licking all the dew off the grass in the morning. She's really cute. She just goes around and licks all the grass."

In an interview with Rock 106 morning show host Daniel Espelien, Marla expressed her excitement about Ellie's victory. "Wow, thank you so much," Marla exclaimed upon learning about Ellie's win.

As the winner, Marla and Ellie will receive $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg. 

Congratulations to Marla and her perfect pet, Ellie!

Looking ahead, pet owners are encouraged to submit their own beloved companions for the chance to be the next Perfect Pet Winner in July. Share your remarkable pet's story and enter at