The Estevan Minor Hockey Association is making a change that they hope will help better identify them in the community.

That begins with a rebranding, with some of the minor league teams going by the Cubs, with updated jerseys.

Stephen Truman, president of the EMHA, says that kicks off with some community involvement.

"We just want to recognize our rebranding of our U9 division. We asked the business community of Estevan to jump on board and help us create something with some more community pride and community passion. Our idea around that is to get rid of a mismatch of jerseys and team names and we want to rebrand everybody theCubs, Bears, and Bruins. We had seven local businesses jump on board and sponsor whole new sets of jerseys for our U9 division, all known as the Cubs."  

Those businesses support the EMHA through a $4000 contribution which lasts for five years.

Community support is very important to the organization, says Truman.  

"It's huge. It's really important because we're supporting the growth and the physical activity of young children who we want to promote, helping those kids grow up to be healthy individuals. We're all playing the game that we love, hockey, and we can't do it without the Estevan business community. I mean time and time again we go to them looking for their help and they never seem to disappoint us."

Truman says that so far he's optimistic about the new hockey season. 

"Everybody's off to a good start. Our AAA bears are putting some wins in the column. Our AA programs are off to a good start. They're doing well and also being successful so far, just looking to get our host programs off the ground, and a full slate of tournaments booked for the winter. So whenever we can, we encourage everybody to come down to Affinity Place and Power Dodge Arena and catch some minor hockey action."

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