Some relief will come from the scorching heat in the form of cloud cover which will eventually turn into rain later on.

While that won't drop temperatures from their current 30+ degree system, they will provide relief from searing sunshine over the next few days.

That'll even start a few storms in the area, with Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang talking about what's coming by.

It'll probably come as a bit of a relief if we do get some showers or thundershowers moving through just because it mixes down some of the cooler air from the atmosphere and it can cool off things temporarily, but we're still expecting temperatures to stay in the low 30s in the next few days."

While there's currently no indication those storms will turn severe Lang says anything can happen in a high-energy system.

"There's a whole bunch of things that go into forecasting severe weather and there's a whole bunch of elements that need to come together, heat being more and humidity being the other. Also sort of what's happening in the upper atmosphere."

Lang talks about how the warm air might not result in a thunderstorm.

"The thing is with heat, the way we get the intense heat is that the air is moving down in the atmosphere and as air moves down, just as you walk up on a mountain slope and it cools off as you move further down it gets warmer. That's because as you press air down, it warms, and pressing air down doesn't result in a thunderstorm."

"So you need all the things to come together. You need the upper-level support as well. So yeah, keep an eye on how things develop and we'll issue advisories and such as that comes along."