While much of the southeast was spared any major snow from the system that came through earlier this week, other areas got swamped.

The focus of that was on Regina, which reported 16 cm of snow along with freezing rain.

Natalie Hasell, an Environment Canada Meteorologist, details some of the effects that's had on roadways.

"Regina was the area that was most affected by this system. So towards the Trans Canada Highway would be a very good delineator. Of course, that's where a great amount of traffic is, so road conditions would be affected quite a lot in that area, so if you do have to travel pay attention to road conditions and check before you leave."

"Remember that conditions can be very different depending on where you are and where you're going so that you prepare not only for what's happening around you. The conditions could be quite different, just a little bit further north of you and further east of you as well since the system is still very much active in Manitoba."

Roads that got coated in snow and freezing rain will likely see conditions continue to see bad conditions in those areas.

"Since we see temperatures over the next few days above zero during the day and below zero at night, anything that melts or falls as rain could freeze or refreeze. Therefore, road conditions will likely still be affected by this system for several days. We see temperatures warming some by the time we get to Saturday."

If that temperature can get high enough, it should be the end of frozen roads for a bit.

"If there's still a lot of snow on the ground plus five is pretty much the max you can reach, but there's a lot of melting that happens at plus five. So if we do reach plus five over the weekend, the next days after that could actually be very warm. So we will still see this freeze-thaw cycle ongoing, but probably by early next week you might not have that much snow on the ground anymore. So road conditions should, I hope, improve." 

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