Envision Counselling is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. The local support center offers a diverse group of programs to help individuals in the community.

Two of their key programs Envision are the Children Exposed to Violence (CEV) program, and the Interpersonal Violence and Abuse program (IVA).  

Raven Daer, a communications specialist with Envision said unfortunately, these sorts of situations are escalating in their coverage areas. 

“We recognize that not only the prevention efforts are important, but also being able to provide these supports free of cost, hopefully without a lot of barriers for folks is really just very important for us in helping to create happier, healthier communities,” said Daer.  

The CEV program provides support for children who have witnessed violence and abuse. This includes seeing, hearing or the awareness of violence.  

The program is open to children, and youth aged 5 to 18 at both the Weyburn and Estevan locations.  

Some situations the CEV program helps with might be children exposed to severe parental conflict, children experiencing severe cyber violence and fleeing dating violence for individuals under 16.  

Support is also offered to parents of children who are exposed to domestic violence.  

There are some circumstances Envision is not mandated to deal with under this program.  

The exemptions include children currently experiencing child abuse or who need support with general separation, divorce and blended family issues. Children struggling with playground bullying or children’s general mental health or behavioural issues.  

Daer said they work closely with partner agencies, and if an issue arises that they cannot support, they will help connect with a different agency.  

The IVA program is in place to work with individuals over the age of 16 years who have been affected by violence and abuse living in Southeast Saskatchewan.  

Daer explained that sexual assault services may be provided to youth ages 14 and 15 with parental consent, individuals over the age of 16 do not require parental consent.  

The program is to provide support and education around interpersonal violence issues, including domestic violence.  

This includes domestic violence, so that could be financial, spiritual, or sexual abuse.  

As well as support for adult survivors of all forms of childhood abuse and secondary survivors of all forms of abuse.  

A wide range of topics fall under this category including stalking and harassment, cyber violence, human trafficking and exploitation, child pornography, older person abuse, family violence, parenting support and the effects of domestic violence on children as well as grief and loss related to interpersonal abuse. 

“We try to do our best to navigate and be able to provide services to as many folks as possible,” said Daer. “So, the best-case scenario for anyone is just to phone into our office and connect with our intake counsellor.”  

The counsellor will then help navigate the individual to the program that would suit them best. In terms of program fit, location and service delivery.  

“We are just so incredibly thankful for the ongoing support of the communities, and we are happy to be celebrating our 30th anniversary, this year and excited to see where the future takes us.”  

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