Envision Counselling and Support Centre is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in the Southeast next week, coinciding with Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, which runs from 12-18 May. 

“This week is dedicated to honouring those who have been impacted by violence and abuse in their lives, as well as recognizing the essential support staff who assist these victims and survivors of crime,” said Raven Daer, communications specialist with Envision Counselling. 

Daer noted that support staff includes social workers, police officers, fire and rescue personnel, EMS, and emergency hospital staff, among others. 

Envision offers several therapeutic counselling and support services to individuals, couples, families, caregivers, and children across the Southeast. Some of these programs include Interpersonal Violence and Abuse, the Family Intervention Program, and the Children Exposed to Violence Program. 

“We want a significant focus of our 30th anniversary to be on nurturing network connections and raising awareness of both available support services and the issues facing individuals in our province. We aim to ensure our communities know about the readily available support services so that we can meet the needs of as many Southeast Saskatchewan residents as possible,” said Lynda Rideout, executive director of Envision Counselling. 

Envision will be holding open houses at three of its offices as part of the celebration. The Estevan open house is scheduled for May 24.