Victims and survivors of crime have been through traumatic experiences, but many use their personal resilience to move beyond their victimization and to create positive change.

May 14th to 20th is "Victims and Survivors of Crime Week" in Canada. Raven Daer, Outreach Coordinator with Envision Counselling and Support Centre, said the week is about raising awareness regarding issues facing victims and survivors of crime. "As well as the services, programs, and laws in place to help them and their families in these times." 

Daer said that, "On average, 68 women are killed by intimate partners in Canada every year. In 2021, Saskatchewan had the highest crime rate in Canada, which included 70 homicides. The rate of family violence as well as family violence against children and youth is two times higher in rural areas than urban areas." 

With people that have been isolated and experienced a lot of grief and loss, especially in relation to the pandemic, Daer said that they are absolutely noticing an increase in their numbers, as well as the abuse throughout the province. 

Envision DisplayPhoto taken by Mallory Cawthra.

Daer explained that currently Envision Counselling and Support Centre has a display set up at the Weyburn, Carlyle and Estevan Public Libraries to honour "Victims and Survivors of Crime Week."

"We will also be out hand delivering some special treats and certifications of appreciation for folks who support victims and survivors of crime." 

Daer said that Statistics Canada found from 2008 to 2018, there were 945 intimate partner homicides in Canada.

"I know that as much as folks don't want to recognize that violence is prevalent in our communities, it absolutely is, and that is why prevention and just bringing this education and awareness is so important," Daer iterated.

Envision Counselling and Support Services is able to provide therapeutic counselling and support services to victims and survivors of crime. 

"That would include our family intervention, rapid support team, our interpersonal violence and abuse program, and a number of other programs that we offer here at Envision."

She said that the Family Intervention Rapid Support Team (FIRST), specifically, is able to work with families directly in their homes, at Envision offices, or in public spaces which makes it a really great program.

Daer added that they wanted to send out appreciation for anyone that is providing supports and services to victims and survivors of crime, as well as those who have survived and overcome crime and abuse as well. 

Victims and Survivors of Crime week has been running for a number of years, and a lot of information about the week can be found HERE.

To enquire about programs within Envision Counselling and Support Services, individuals can visit their website HERE or contact them at any one of their office locations in Weyburn, Estevan, Carlyle, or Oxbow at 306-842-8821 or 306-637-4004. 

Raven DaerRaven Daer, Outreach Coordinator with Envision Counselling and Support Centre. (Photo taken by Marna McManus).