A vehicle that appeared to be the same one used in a copper theft from the industrial part of Estevan was spotted in the same area five days later, leading to the arrests of two Regina men.

The Estevan Police Service saw a red car enter the east industrial part of town around 3 a.m. Thursday while surveilling the area.

Sgt. Tyler McMillen said police searched the area with the help of a canine unit, and eventually found the suspects.

"With some good police work here with members, we were able to locate them hiding out under a vehicle in a grassy area. It took a little bit of work, but we found them, and they are in custody."

McMillen said they believe the men were in the process of stealing a catalytic converter off a vehicle.

"We do believe they were involved in the theft from earlier. So that part of it is still under investigation. So we're just asking the public to check your areas, your properties. These guys are known for copper wire, fuel thefts, and obviously catalytic converters."

Police found some property in the vehicle, but suspect there could be a stash area for other stolen goods. 

The car was not pulling a trailer. Unlike the vehicle caught on camera on Saturday morning.

McMillen said the men are currently under arrest for theft. Their names have not been released.