Canada Day long weekend included plenty of celebrations, which meant that the Estevan Police Service was especially busy.

EPS Chief Rich Lowen describes the weekend with plenty of calls and different situations.

"It was a busy weekend. We had over 73 calls through the long weekend. Members did well in responding to those calls, everything from missing persons to impaired drivers. So it's a range of calls, but it was managed well by the members."

Lowen says some of the crimes could be described as major, depending on how you view some crimes.

"There was, there was a break-in, there were impaired drivers, so those sorts of things that need to be managed, always are important, and have to make sure we continue with enforcement. 

Lowen thanked the efforts of people in the community to make sure the weekend went off without a hitch.

"We thank everybody who stayed safe and appreciate the community support in those events as well."